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Martin D28 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

"This guitar is a Martin D28; it is about 50 years old and is a very fine instrument. I use it when I do solos at Nursing Homes, Veterans Hospitals, etc. It has a very mellow sound, and as you might imagine, is a much admired instrument."...Dean Armstrong

The Martin D28 was voted the most sought after instrument by Acoustic Magazine-- recent issue.


Epiphone DeLuxe Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

This guitar is an Epiphone DeLuxe cut-away electric...it is about a 1950 instrument and I have used it much of the time since then. It is quite heavy, and after I inherited the blond Epiphone, I began using it instead, as it is less weight to carry.

Dean Armstrong


Epiphone Broadway Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

This blond guitar is the one I use most of the time with the band. I bought it years ago for an old Army buddy who lived in Phoenix. He kept it mostly under the bed and when he passed away he willed it to me. It is a fine guitar; it's an Epiphone Broadway and is late 1940's manufacture. Very valuable both in money and in sentiment.

Dean Armstrong


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Sound Bytes
Sample 30 second clips of songs from our CD:
Blue Eyes Crying
Sweet Georgia Brown
Dark Town Strutters Ball
Red River Valley
Minnie The Mermaid
My Window Faces South
Squaws Along Yukon
Wild Side Of Life
Third Man Theme
San Antonio Rose
I Cant Help It
Storms Never Last
Young Maggie
On The Road Again
Orange Blossom Special


What is your favorite song?

Minnie The Mermaid
Red River Valley
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