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Dean Armstrong and the Arizona Dance Hands formed in 1948 as the house band for the Open Door Night Club in Tucson, Arizona.

From Left to Right, that's Toni Clark, Dean Armstrong, Don Johnson, and Earl Mock.

Three-a-week radio programs from the bandstand brought them to the attention of Gene Autry, and when he opened KOLD-TV in 1953, the Dance Hands became the staff musicians. In fact, they performed the first ever live TV show in Tucson. The Dance Hands continued to perform live TV until 1976. Today, you can see the band perform at Lil Abner's Steakhouse and on Tucson Community Cable 73.

The group has appeared in several movies, on the Today Show, and Nashville Now. They have entertained for 33 years at Tucson's Old Time Fiddler's Contest, 31 years at the Rodeo Breakfast, and have performed for over 40 years at Li'l Abner's Steak House in Tucson.

The Dance Hands play a special brand of Western Swing, earning them a reputation as one of the finest dance/entertainment groups in the country.

The band has appeared on "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keiler. and are featured on two PBS shows: Violin Voices, and Tucson Memories, and they have a recorded-live program on Tucson Community Cable 73.

Here you see them as they are performing at the 1999 Western Music Association Festival.

The Dance Hands have a recorded-live program on Tucson Community Cable 73.


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